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Mr. Dharshana Ruwan Dissanayake, the renowned Sri Lankan awards winning music composer hails from a beautiful pastoral hamlet in Polonnaruwa. Many times in the past, Polonnaruwa has produced personalities that have answered the call of the era and made Mother Lanka proud. He, true to this precedent, is a man on a timely mission, that is to rediscover the lost pinnacle of Sri Lankan music. Though he had had to face numerous obstacles for many years, his climb that started from the bottom rung of the ladder has ended up at the peak to find himself a veteran in the Sri Lankan music industry. While the waters of lakes of the region softened him, the droughts, toughened him. Those conflicting forces molded a world class musician and we will be hearing a lot more of his creations in

the decades to come.

The Humanitarian, the Ecologist , the Historian, the Patriot. He believes in humanity and cherishes it above all. His pastoral roots nurtured him to be an ecologist. He is an expert in sri Lankan history and it’s upon that uniqueness, his universal musical compositions were created. His Patriotism is often demonstrated in his works and his life. World politics and philosophy interest him greatly and is usually the inspiration for his work. More over, Dharshana is a relentless learner and this enables his creations to grow and branch out over time, thus gifting us an ever-evolving style of music.

Dharshana is righteous and fair and usually is a daring rebel. His fearless attacks against the mafias that manipulate the art or the music of the country, to sustain their greed are well known and bears the form of an authoritative power. He believes in the blossoming new generation and never hesitates to extend a helping hand towards them.

Dharshana is certain that he has got a long walk ahead of him. He feels that his journey delving into the depths of music is only the beginning. He is a wanderer. A wanderer who believes in an infinite musical excursion. More precisely, a musical wanderer who wanders in search of perfection. An explorer, a disciple of the universe. He feels that an artist’s mission is the liberation of the humankind to open humanity up to the universe and see the glory it beholds. He struggles for the perfection of humanity, by way of the perfection of universal music. That is his lifelong mission. Film directing is the latest dimension he has experimented with during his very difficult journey as an award-winning musician at home and abroad. He firmly believes that cinema is the epitome of modern art, full of images, tones, meanings and aesthetics. That is why he says that he will continue to do further research on film directing. Accordingly, father, the famer, film is his first film direction. As a musician, he has composed over 1000 songs for many local and foreign singers. He has music composed these songs in Tamil, Sinhala, Hindi, English, Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese. He has also received numerous awards for his work in film music and drama music. In particular, he received international awards for Best Film Direction and Best Film Music for the film he first directed as a film director. Details on this are given in the chapter on awards on this website. So his only dream is to present his exploration research in a more different way to the beloved fans all over the world. (I am Devuni Gunaratne writing this post about Dharshana Ruwan Dissanayake.)


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    01. Kandu Mudunata

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    02. Maha Polowa

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    03. Kaala Movie Song

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